How is a healthy and delicious plant meat made up?

We explored the characteristics of meat and explored the plant world.

ZhenMeat first proposed the 5D simulation concept in China.

It is bound to produce the structure and composition of meat, accurately restore color and flavor, sound shape and taste, and create sustainable food.


Protein is the main material. We have built a huge protein library and continuously tested it. Finally, pea protein was selected. Pea protein concentrate was obtained from the natural separation and extraction process.


We chose coconut oil and olive oil as the natural fat.


We extract natural cellulose and add it to the raw materials to give ZhenMeat a muscle fiber feel.


Hemoglobin is the key to make ZhenMeat has meat flavor. We found "bean hemoglobin" on natural plants, which was produced by gene extraction and bio-fermentation technology, and added to ZhenMeat to make it meatier.