The first "Plant Fresh Meat Moon Cake" in the world
"Traditional" material crustcombine"future" fresh and tender meat
When the Mid Autumn Festival of Yihai came, Zhenmeat launched the first "plant fresh meat moon cake", which attracted wide attention. With the popularity of nearly 180 million microblogs, nearly 100 media followed up and reported, and received widely acclaimed goods, zhenrou launched the "first year of Chinese plant meat".
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Zhenmeat Vegetable Steak
Eating meat without fear of fat
Taste the precious meat and you will be happy!
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Zhenwei XO Meat Sauce
Refuse boring meals and create delicious food easily
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What can I do with Zhenmeat?
Whether it's instant food to satisfy your hunger or delicious dishes cooked on site, "steam, boil, fry" We can do everything you can think of
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