ZhenMeat stablished in May 2019, Zhen meat is the first plant-based protein meat startup in China, which mainly develops, produces and sells 100% of food products derived from vegetable protein. ZhenMeat is positioned as a “National Plant Protein Meat Brand”. It is a technology-driven startup that is committed to improving national dietary nutrition, promoting future food development and maintaining the planet's ecology through avant-garde concepts and advanced food technology.

ZhenMeat has launched the 5D simulation concept, which simulates animal meat from all aspects of color, fragrance, sound and taste. The first product is plant meat mooncake, which will be launched in September 2019.

The advantages of plant-based meat
The nutrients of plant-based meat are controllable. All sources are natural.
By controlling the amount of fat and other nutrients in the meat, you can cultivate meat suitable for all kinds of people.
What is more worth mentioning is that plant-based meat does not contain cholesterol, which is friendly for everyone, especially the people who have high blood sugar/pressure/cholesterol concerns.

On the holidays in China, people will eat meat and celebrate.

Meat is the most important consumption in daily diet. However, the meat industry has many problems. ZhenMeat would like to solve the problems by providing plant-based meat.


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Promote healthier and happier lifestyle


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Sustainable development

Livestock industry accounts for nearly half of the world's land resources, and 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, which even exceeding the sum of all vehicle emissions. At the same time, with the population growth, by 2050, it will break through the 10 billion mark. Along with the growth, it means the animal husbandry will grow, and the earth will not be able to withstand human consumption.

How to resolve the contradiction between protein supply and population growth? Especially in China, with the economic growth and the growth of the consumption, the proportion of protein in the daily diet is rising, and the contradiction is becoming obvious. Plant-based meat consumption substitutes are currently the best breakthrough.

Reducing land use
Reducing water use
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Social responsibility

ZhenMeat pays attention to social issues, echoes the "National Nutrition Plan (2017-2030)" issued by the State Council, and jointly implements the "Healthy China 2030" Plan, and hopes to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Whether it is food safety, meat prices, dietary nutrition, etc., which are closely related to the daily life of the people, ZhenMeat hopes to solve these problems through the innovation of a piece of plant-based meat.

Dietary Nutrition
Food Safety
Meat Price
Disease Risk
Vince Lu
The Founder CEO

Vince Studied Materials Science at UIUC. He has over 5 years experience in building brands. He was the first person bringing whey protein bar to China. Before he started ZhenMeat, he created a brand for gym people - TeamFCZ, which was the lead in the protein bar industry.

He founded ZhenMeat in 2019 trying to solve national food and dietary nutrition problems.

Chichi Hong

Bachelor degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada; Partner at Hong Kong/Silicon Valley First-Class Fund Ausvic Capital. Ausvic Capital has hosted Nobel Day 2018 in Hong Kong and held the International Science and Technology Innovation Forum during the 2019 Biotechnology Week of HKEX; University of Berkeley Accelerator industry fellow; Deputy Secretary-General of the 30-member Forum Hong Kong. She has a deep understanding of the venture-entrepreneur industry. She set up a vegetarian club when she was in university and has chosen to be a vegetarian for ten years.

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