Frequently Asked Questions/ Q&A
What we do at Zhenmeat

Zhenmeat is a company driven by extreme product creativity and food science. We are committed to correct Chinese people’s sub-healthy diets, solve meat safy issues, lower plant-based meat prices than traditional meats with technology popularization and mass production, and raise living standards. We want to face climate change, protect the environment, respect animal rights, eliminate starvation, and achieve a true sustainable diet without sacrificing good tastes and jeopardizing Earth's natural systems.

What are the products of Zhenmeat? Is it “vegan meat”?

The raw materials of Zhenmeat are natural plants such as green pea protein. It is made by modern food science and the application of technology at the biological and molecular level. It does not contain any animal compositions, and looks, feels and tastes much like traditional meats. Compare to traditional “vegan meats”, Zhenmeat is plant-based meat with high technology.

What are the nutritional differences between Zhenmeat and ordinary meat?

Zhenmeat means “precious meat” in Chinese. It contains close to zero cholesterol and purine, and has zero saturated fat, full of amino acids, and has higher amount of protein than traditional meats.

What raw materials are Zhenmeat products made from?

Zhenmeat is mainly made from green pea protein, coconut oil, cellulose and other natural plant ingredients.

Is Zhenmeat non-GMO?

Yes, all ingredient of Zhenmeat are non-GMO.

Is Zhenmeat 100% plant-based?

Yes, Zhenmeat products are 100% plant origin with zero animal composition.

Why Zhenmeat is sustainable food?

Producing Zhenmeat can reduce land occupation by 96%, water usage by 87%, harmful gas emissions by 89%, and it is environmentally friendly, healthier, as well as respects animals.

Are Zhenmeat products safe?

Zhenmeat conforms to the national food safety standards. Its raw materials have been certified by the quality management system, food safety management system and environmental management system, and it does not contain any hormones, antibiotics, chemical additives and preservatives.

How strong is the state supervision on plan-based meat?

At present, China's supervision of plan-based meat is based on the national standards for soybean products, and the China Plant-based Food Industry Alliance will work with the State Food and Drug Administration and the State Administration for Market Regulation to jointly formulate the national standards for the category of "artificial plant-based meat".

Can people allergic to peas eat Zhenmeat?

The main raw material of Zhenmeat products is peas, are part of bean families. People with severe allergies to beans are advised NOT to eat. People with allergies to beans please take caution before eating.

Is Zhenmeat suitable to people on a diet?

Zhenmeat products have very low fat and contains zero cholesterol and saturated-fat, rich in protein, balanced nutrition is suitable for dieters to eat.

What are the future products of Zhenmeat? When will it be available?

We will release fast-moving consumer goods such as meat stuffing, dumplings, meat pies, meat balls, XO meat sauce. Meanwhile, we have been choosing quite several popular catering brands to jointly launch creative dishes. Please stay tuned.

What can be made with Zhenmeat?

You cook Zhenmeat just like the way you cook regular meats, including steaming, boiling, stir-fry, fry. Embrace your imagination.

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