The World’s First Plant-based Meat MoonCake
Combining traditional crusts with futuristic fresh and tender plant-based meat. In the 2019 Mid Autumn Festival , Zhenmeat successfully launched the world’s first plant-based mooncake which received overwhelmingly positive responses. Our success has attracted wide attention, having been shared on nearly 180 million microblogs, and reported by 100 media outlets. Our achievement has been seen to be the start of the New Chinese Plant-based Movement Era!
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Zhenmeat Plant-based Steak
Eating meat without the fear of fat
Satisfy your meat carving with our tasty plant-based steak!
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Reinvented XO meat sauce to make it healthier, environmentally friendly, and as delicious as always!
Refuse boring meals!
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What can I do with Zhenmeat?
Whether you are cooking up something instant to satisfy your cravings, or indulging in delicious home cooked dishes, Zhenmeat’s products can be added to any dishes you can dream of. Thinking of cooking by steaming, boiling, frying, roasting, grilling, or poaching ? Zhenmeat can handle it all.
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