Zhenmeat has invented a “5D-mimic technology theory”
Zhenmeat is writing a new chapter that makes our plant-based dream come true.
A piece of meat consists of protein, fat, mineral salt, micronutrient, and water.
We successfully recreated sustainable, healthy, and flavorful meat alternative based on the nutritional value and structure provided by plant-based ingredients.
Protein Protein
Protein is the main ingredient in Zhenmeat. After intensive research on various plant-based proteins, we have chosen green pea protein as the primary ingredient in order to provide a high level and quality of protein in comparison to traditional meat.
Minerals and Micronutrients Mineral
Traditional meat provides minerals and micronutrients to our daily diet. We add yeast, and extracted different minerals and micronutrients from fruits and vegetables to Zhenmeat to replace the nutritious value the meat provides while retaining the original flavour of the meat.
Fat Fat
We have selected organical fat from coconut oil and vegetable oil into our healthier alternative, Zhenmeat, to reproduce the sizzling effect of animal fat.
Provide nutrients that traditional meats do not have
Dietary fibers, micronutrients Dietary fiber
We extract natural cellulose and add it to the raw materials, providing dietary fibers and minimal carbohydrates necessary for human body. At the same time, it acts as biological adhesive, connective tissue, bonding "muscle tissues", giving Zhenmeat a texture and more pleasant taste.